"Backstage" 36x36 Original Oil Painting by Georgianne Fastaia
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FIRST "LIFT"  RESULTS   sketched in figures,added tone

(detail) added light blue scumbling,tightening and defining overall design keeping
to a limited palatte of warm pinksbrowns and umbers with pale blue accent

In developing an unorthodox technique of scrubbing her canvases, Fastaia has embraced the distressed aesthetic. Each canvas is covered with layers of paint.. an experimental  material  is poured onto the canvas which is tilted to create drips; horizontals and verticals, eating  away layers of paint in what Fastaia calls "lifts"----revealing hidden colors below.The process is completely unpredictable and requires a fearless leap of faith for the artist. By giving up control, this process forces her to stay lighthearted and adaptable to the paintings evolution, while staying sensitive to the moments of beauty as they are revealed