FEATURED IN elle decor magazine jULY 2009

"Ballerinas Secret" 36 x 24 oil 2009                                                                                        " Ballerina"  30 x 60 acrylic  2001                                                      
Why Ballerinas?
 In July 2009 my painting "Ballerina” was featured in ELLE DECOR. Ballerina Girl Art  was created to meet the requests from  people all over the country wanting "more ballerinas!"

What is it about Ballerinas that captures the imagination of little girls?
Ballerina Girl Art celebrates the moment a little girl twirls around in her tutu , saying, “I’m pretty!”   In your Ballerina Girl Art painting you will discover the sense of awkward beauty of young girls coming into their first awareness of the feminine mystique. Ballerina Girl Art goes “beyond Degas”; offering fresh interpretation of the ballerina girl theme.  I am drawn to compositions which capture the innocence, mystery and grace of these tiny dancers. These paintings are modern in their composition and paint handling. I have refined a unique distressing process which gives each painting an antiqued texture, serving as a bittersweet visual reminder of a moment in time passing. Each Ballerina Girl Art painting is an original work of Fine Art created by a mother with love for her own daughter which will bring you joy every time you look at it.   There is a Ballerina Girl in all of us.   Enjoy…From my home to yours.
                                                                          Sincerely,   Georgianne Fastaia

The Original Ballerina Girl, my daughter and inspiration, Sophie Lee



    "Backstage" 36x36 Original Oil Painting by Georgianne Fastaia
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FIRST "LIFT"  RESULTS   sketched in figures,added tone

(detail) added light blue scumbling,tightening and defining overall design keeping
to a limited palatte of warm pinksbrowns and umbers with pale blue accent

In developing an unorthodox technique of scrubbing her canvases, Fastaia has embraced the distressed aesthetic. Each canvas is covered with layers of paint.. an experimental  material  is poured onto the canvas which is tilted to create drips; horizontals and verticals, eating  away layers of paint in what Fastaia calls "lifts"----revealing hidden colors below.The process is completely unpredictable and requires a fearless leap of faith for the artist. By giving up control, this process forces her to stay lighthearted and adaptable to the paintings evolution, while staying sensitive to the moments of beauty as they are revealed



Firebird Tutu

"Firebird  Tutu" Original Oil Painting by Georgianne Fastaia 30 x 30  2010   

three dancers

"Three dancers in the Wings" Original Oil Painting by Georgianne Fastaia  36 x 36  2010 

little dancer

"Tiny dancer" Original Oil Painting by Georgianne Fastaia 30 x 30  2010   



At Ballerina Girl Art we are always looking for Inspiration! Please send us photos of YOUR  Ballerina Girl.. We will feature your photos and story HERE and she may become the inspiration for my next painting!

Sophie and Angelina were the inspiration for this series as the first ballerina girls I painted....

georgianne & sophie  
Georgianne Fastaia and Sophie
portrait of the artist as mother

I am a self taught painter, making a living doing what I love for the past ten years. I am happy to announce that I am now represented by NIETO FINE ART Gallery in San Francisco and I had the honor of exhibiting my work in the San Francisco International Art Fair.


I received this email yesterday from a family who surprised their mom, who used to be a professional dancer, with the original painting, "Between Ballerina's" for Mother's Day. If you are visiting the Bay area, feel free to arrange a studio visit.
May 10 ,2010
Jesse cried when she saw your painting. It was a beautiful thing...
We love your work. Oscar said - I met the artist today!

Laurie Gibbons San Francisco, California


Review by Mathew Felix Sun "Georgianne Fastaia's Works Stand Out ".
Her works - mostly figures and landscape or cityscape - have rich textures and great atmosphere. Her figures often boldly claim large portion of the canvases, giving them a sense of being timeless and monumental, yet they are abruptly confronted by the edges of the canvases, making them somewhat vulnerable, therefore the complexity of the figures and the paintings palpable. I also detect sense of desolation from her landscape, not dissimilar to those by Edward Hopper, despite the obvious difference of their techniques and subject matters. This sense is particularly obvious in her works painted after Hurricane Katrina.



Georgianne Fastaia
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